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IT Professionals for clients across the globe .

Software Factory is our business unit for IT Development Resources.

We provide our clients with the best resources at competitive rates, without risks and cultural barriers.

Hire IT professionals with the right skillset for your company needs.

Why work with us


A pool of seasoned developers, experienced in national and international projects, with ongoing training in the latest practices and at a competitive market price.


Avoid lengthy interviewing and hiring processes with our support, benefiting from decreased development stages of your project and reduced time to market.

access to specialized professionals

Achieve the best digital solutions that deliver custom user experience through our expert UX/UI Designers, Developers, and Project Managers.


We provide your outsourced staff with a modern and equipped workspace with the latest resources and technology, so you only have to focus on your business goals.


Count on the full support of dedicated teams of experts in CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, Legislation, Finance, Marketing, Tax, and Account Management.

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We meet each project's needs and capabilities according to client requests, tailoring all requirements to ensure seamless integration, communication, and readiness.

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