Building Agility

We believe in agility as the path to innovation.


We develop high performance teams.

At Agilenow, we have the experience and knowledge to accelerate the development of your product and your team.

Our contribution allows our clients to achieve better business results through short development cycles, focus on business value, metrics and continuous improvement.

We build organizational agility .

our services

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Agile people

Digital Transformation Specialists

Through specialized consultants, we support companies in the creation, optimization and conservation of internal teams in agile practices and techniques, developing their skills and qualifications.

Agile Coach

Enables teams in agile methodology, integrating agile tools, processes and software within organizations.

Product Owner

Has the vision of the product, transmitting its design and characteristics to the development team.

Scrum Developer

Creation of the different aspects of increment used in each Sprint, ensuring the progress and delivery of each member.

Scrum Master

Supports the team, promoting autonomy and good scrum practices during the development of the project.

Our agile Professionals

APC - Agile Pocket Coaching

Agile Pocket Coaching is a program that aims to help groups of leaders to overcome real day-to-day challenges.

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Customized training for your teams needs.

Build a solid foundation for your company’s Agile transformation. In our training courses, we teach essential agile principles and guide teams on what to expect towards the road to business agility.


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Agile Consulting

Increase ROI with Agile Consulting

In partnership with the client, we seek to understand the company’s scenario, and the business objectives to achieve. With this, we customize our approach to deliver the utmost value (ROI) for your business.


– Team Assessment
– Team Setup and re-organization
– EVDnC Extreme Value Driven Coaching
– Team Coaching
– Individual Coaching

Why choose

Qualified professionals

All of our professionals are highly qualified and certified by the most prestigious certifiers.

Agile Pocket Coaching

We offer an exclusive follow-up service to leaders, as always adapted to you.

Market Experience

Rely on our vast Agile experience to improve your team's results.

Quick allocation capability

As part of one of the largest IT consultants in Portugal, we take advantage of an extensive database of professionals.

Our Agile specialists

Our team is made of Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Scrum Developers with extensive market experience.

Head of Agile

José Nicolau

Head of Agile People

Fernanda Panaro

Scrum Developer

Glauco Godoi

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