Project Manager


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Main Tasks & Responsibilities:

• Build overall plan of implementation across all products and markets according to predefined strategy with the stakeholders;

• Articulate the defined strategy to embark all products in co-designed roadmap;

• Ensure ServiceNow teams are onboard and can deliver according to product needs;

• Ensure plan covers, especially from a process/change management, all stakeholders;

• Ensure right level of parallelization to meet soon enough a go to market;

• Drive both product teams and ServiceNow Teams according to build plan and phased, operate required governance;

• Support product teams into implementing the defined process;

• Co-animate workshop with the Silva teams, coach product teams;

• Ensure deliverables are in line with high level designed processes, with the right level of simplicity and maintainability for all stakeholders;

• Co-construct and propose appropriate amendment to Silva TOM with global products for the case of WoN, implement;

• Propose KPIs & implement;

• Propose appropriate format and levers to be in a continuous improvement mode with all relevant stakeholders and operate it;

• Monitor execution and finetune process based on pilot findings.

Main Technical Requirements:

• Excellent modulization skills with 5 years of expertise;

• Minimum 3 years of experience in Project Manager – IT operations or IT consulting focusing on IT process / transformation;

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and in French.

Other Requirements:

• EU citizenship;

• International Environment;

• French mandatory;

• English mandatory.

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